50 Tips to Increase Productivity

We get assessed by our productivity. We spend hours testing and trying ourselves to increase our productivity. Here are 50 simple but effective tips to increase productivity:

Get started. Often one of the most difficult parts is to get started with what we have to do. Once you get yourself started with the task, you will get in tune with it that could last for hours.

The pen and paper magic. These are the two most essentials that you should have with you all the time, not only to have a list of to dos, but also to jot down your thoughts and ideas that will help improving your task as your mind won’t be remembering it every other minute. techpiled

Keep a list. Always make to-do list for the next day the night before. This way you can prioritize your work and get started on the most important ones when the day starts.

Isolate work. Allocate time blocks where you turn off most ways of communication to you so that you can concentrate solely on those very important tasks that you feel require your complete attention. Keep the light and less challenging work for other times when you are open for contact. realisticmag

Time targets. Keep time frames. Only for time not the work. After the time frame gets over, analyze how far you have progressed in your work; see if at least a dent has been made to the task. Revise your working strategy and test yourself with different strategies to get the most effective one.

Jump into action. Burst into action one the goal is set, even if the action isn’t perfectly planned. But be flexible to your course of action along the way.

Deadline. Once you have set yourself the goal and you are in action, set a deadline and use it as your focal point to stay on track and to assess yourself. urbanclutch

Punctuality. This is the most important trait. No matter what it takes, always show up on time. Arrive early.

Visualization. Visualize that your goal has already been achieved. See yourself as already having done it. Make it real in your mind and you will see soon that it already is a reality.

Rewards. Give yourself constant rewards, appraisals, etc. to amuse and boost yourself. This will increase your dedication and desire to achieve greatly.

Stick to it. Once you have started a task, stick to it no matter what, until it’s 100% complete, don’t switch tasks when distractions come up, jot them down and deal with them later.

Divide and rule. When dealing with complex or huge tasks always split it into smaller tasks of lesser complexity and size and work on them one by one, focusing on one at a time.

The 30 days trial. Identify a new habit that you would like to form and commit to it for 30 straight days. Commitment is easier when it’s temporary than permanent at start.

The right people. When you are committed to a bigger task and a smaller one of urgency pops up, try convincing someone else to do it for you so that you don’t have to break your focus. thekayelist

80-20 rule. 80% of the value of a task comes from 20% of the effort. Focus your energy on that critical 20%, and don’t overdo the non-critical 80%

Agenda criterion. Provide agendas in meetings so that participants will be prepared in advance. This increases meeting focus and efficiency. Do the same for phone calls too.

Gather and finish. Gather up all the similar tasks that you have to do and put them into a single time frame and finish them all together at once.

Tempo. Consciously pick up pace, try to move a little faster than usual. Speak faster. Walk faster. Type faster. Read faster. Complete your work faster by working faster without losing efficiency.

Relax. It is important to relax yourself every once in a while. Your efficiency will reduce when stress piles on. So find new and quick ways to relax yourself.

Trash it! The most efficient way to be done with a task if to discard it. If it doesn’t need to be done then don’t. Take if off your list.

Worst first. Defeat procrastination by getting to the most unpleasant task first in the morning and completing it instead of delaying it, this small victory over it will set a productive tone for the day.

Milestones. When starting a work, identify a target that you should achieve before you take a break. Work till you hit the target no matter what and only after achieving it, take a break.

Early bird. Get up early in the morning, like 5 am, and go straight to the most important task as you will have maximum efficiency before 8 am, provided you got a good night’s sleep.

Continuity. At the end of your workday, identify the first task you’ll work on the next day, and set out the materials in advance. The next day begin working on that task immediately.

Intuition. Go with your gut instinct. It’s probably right. But check yourself often.

Optimize yourself. Identify the process that you found to be most productive and note them down step-by-step. Refactor them, implement and test your improved processes and keep innovating.

Say “No”.We can’t do everything. And we must learn to say no when we have to save ourselves from overload.

Find a mentor. By tracking those who have already achieved, implement and improvise their methods to suit you and this will save time and energy.

Hot keys. Learn all the shortcuts there is to do the work faster and efficiently.

Avoid multitasking. By multitasking your effort gets spread and productivity goes down. Focus on one thing at a time.

Improve tech. Have a fully up to date office with high speed internet and computers so that time doesn’t get wasted on waiting.

Avoid time wasters. This includes IM, video games, facebook, my space, extraneous internet surfing, etc.

Learn to speed read.

Avoid cooking frequently. Cook in bulk when you have work piled up so that you don’t waste time in cooking for every meal.

Learn to skip. When reading a book or a long article, read only the parts that you need and skip the rest.

Take advantage. Take advantage of whatever time saving opportunities that present itself, like opt for direct deposit from your employers to avoid trips to bank.


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