Lip Balms by Clarins

Clarins is one of the famous brands that provide the wide range of beauty products in the European countries. The company provides the exotic range of cosmetics for the satisfaction of the customers. Clarins presents the huge variety of skin care, 7mgg hair, and body and makeup products. This company provides various sun tanning treatment products also. Clarins provides the wide range for men and women both.

Clarins Colour Quench Lip Balm is one of the famous products of the company. This balm comes in the tube and in the transparent and natural colors. It helps to protect and nourish the lips. This has become the choice of many high class women due to its effective and attractive results. This product is made from the extract of Shea butter, manguerose olive and wild mango which is beneficial for the recovery of damage and dry area of the lips. This content is actively responsible for the smoothness and softness of the lips. Adequate quantity of Vitamin A and E helps greatly in repairing the destroyed cell and improving the growth of new and healthy cells of the lips. Regular application of this balm for lips is essential for gaining and maintaining the soft and sexy lips.

This product comes in different shining colors and various fruit flavors. This balm gives the bright, fresh and shining texture to the lips all the day. It also protects them from looking dehydrated. The company provides different types of color quench lip balms e.g. color quench lip balm-00 twinkling lights, color quench lip balm-12 toffee, color quench lip balm-08 coral, roomidea color quench lip balm-15 grape juice, in rosewood, 14 coral, 14 blood orange, butterscotch, Fuchsia Rose Marshmallow, 11 poppy, 07 raspberry, 09 ultra violet, 16 candy rose, rose pink, candy rose, 08 mandarin etc. These huge range of flavor and types help a woman to protect and correct the texture of the lips. These are suitable for all kind of skin types and complexions. For the best result this should be applied over the lip sticks and with its own lip brush. It helps to enhance the volume of the lips. spaice

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