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A press release is any news worthy statement which is written or recorded and distributed to various media professionals in a bid to gain publicity for a product, company, business, service, an upcoming event or it can even be about a high profile personality, the message being sent out to the masses could either be marketing or public relational, as a news release is a great tool in both cases. The manner in which a media release gains publicity has become quite dynamic with the evolution of technology and the arrival of the internet, a media release has acquired so much texture and the entire process has become more effective, efficient and economical, so much so that most newswires are offering free distribution of press releases. For more details please visit these sites:-

With the passage of time the business world has become more and more competitive, with each passing day more and more competitors are arising, making the life of most companies and businesses henceforth in order to survive it is of extreme necessity that companies make constant advertisements and maintain and uphold the integrity of their public relations, which is why media releases have become an integral part of most companies marketing strategy, since they are effective, efficient and most of all economical. Along with all this there have evolved so many new features in media releases that they tend to benefit a person in so many ways like increasing the traffic to their website, increasing the conversion ratio hence amplifying their profits etc.

There are various forms of media releases like a picture news release, video news release (VNR), audio news release etc. An audio news release is where the news worthy statement is recorded (voice only) and is distributed to various radio stations, along with that it is also released online. An audio news release has the capacity to reach out to a larger audience since radio reception is available in the remotest of areas radio shows are still quite popular. An audio news release has a greater viewership than a normal press release, since it is part of the hot media, it garners more interest. There are various advantages of an audio media release, it is more long lasting since it can always be loaded on the internet hence it becomes more effective, one can make an audio media release more interesting by injecting other audio sounds, like music and other effects to arouse the interest of the listener hence making the audio release more effective.


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