Clone Walker Battle Pack

The Star Wars movies have introduced millions into a different galaxy with spectacular creatures. Whether friend or foe, there is no denying that the Star Wars characters have enticed the imagination to have multitudes of fans hooked. It comes as little surprise that almost all characters were made into action figures. Star Wars enthusiasts of all ages will surely delight to know about the Clone Walker Battle P ack. It is a very good addition to your set of Star Wars battle figures. For more details please visit these sites:-

These miniature replicas of the Clone Troopers come in a set of tw o Clone Troopers, a Clone commander, a Clone gunner, and backed with an ARC trooper gear. The Clone Walkers are featured in their Phase I Armor. Faithful to the Star Wars storyline, they are also trained to operate through a Clone Walker.

The Republic army presses forward to different battlefields of a host of planets. The Clone Wars is truly at its peak! The Clone Walker Battle pack is built for a victorious combat amid the wars that rages the whole galaxy. It is mainly used for investigation as it supports two men with its bipedal walker. However, it can also be used in light combat. The open cockpit build of the walker makes its drivers easy targets to the enemy fire though. Still, this was redeemed through the good visibility it provides in the battlefields.

The Walker is equipped with a nose mounted replicating blaster canon. It is also designed to have two missile launchers on each side. With all these features to boast for, the Clone Walker Battle package comes handy in battlefields. Its built and features give it a tremendous advantage in combats against opposing light armor and infantry.

You can even customize one trooper through fitting him into ARC paraphernalia. Once geared up, the trooper gives off the fierce look of a conquering force. The other trooper, which functions as a gunner, has detailed features which are an improved version of past Clone Troopers figures. The mustard and green accents of the helmet look outstandingly realistic. The eyes are also looking sideways, unlike the past versions with straight-ahead looks.

The Walker which comes in the package is an exact model of the walkers featured in Liberty on Ryloth, the 21st episode of the Clone Wars. Although intricately detailed, all the pieces are very playable. The Clone Walker Battle Pack would top off any Star Wars play set well.


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