If You Don’t Learn Cursive How Can You Sign Your Own Name?

The other day I was at a store making a purchase, kms auto and a little machine told me to sign my name. These little electronic signature machines are quite fancy, but it hardly looks like the real thing once you are done signing your name to the screen. Maybe that’s a good in a way as no one will ever be able to copy your signature. The person ahead of me didn’t know how to use the checkout register credit card machine, and when they were told to sign their name and press enter, they picked up a little pen, dryer repair san diego made a scribble in the box, and then pressed “enter” and I thought to myself that’s no signature that’s a scribble mark.

The machine didn’t care, it just wanted something in the box, and the patron didn’t outdoor living care it was just a formality, and one more thing to do for them to get their purchases. Therefore the scribble sufficed. This got me thinking as to how many hours I spent writing perfect cursive in the second and third grade. I had to stay within the lines, and make perfect letters. Although today when I write I make perfect block letters as if I was a PhD engineering student, I still have the skills to write out a very beautiful cursive sentence.

Still, in the future that may not be needed with text to speech or speech recognition software. Things will either be typed, texted, 插花,花藝 or spoken into a computer. People won’t know how to even sign their own name. Or maybe that’s all we should teach them in school? Just teach them how to write their own name, and perhaps the basic ability to read what someone else has written, otherwise it will just look like Greek to them, or Egyptian hieroglyphics. I didn’t ask the person in front of me at the store if they were unable to sign their name, or if they were just bored with the process wishing to move the line forward after they had made a mistake, 生意頂讓 and forgotten to sign their name.

Perhaps, they were simply embarrassed because they didn’t know how to use the credit card machine, while everyone had to sit there and wait for them to do one more step. Or, maybe they didn’t sign their name and just put a scribble mark because they really didn’t know how to sign their name. You see the individual looked to be about 20 years old or so. Maybe they didn’t get the same schooling I did, fancy name and maybe in the future we will not be schooling our kids on how to write in cursive. It seems every day our language is changing faster and faster, and the old days of cursive writing and making notes will change completely within this next generation. silentdiscopamp

Still, wouldn’t it be nice if your children could read the Declaration of Independence, or Constitution? Hmm, interesting indeed, well, please consider all this and think on it. For more info please visit here:-https://provrf.co.il/ https://themenu.co.il/ https://brightwell.co.il/


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