Twenty Best Metal Detector Coin Finds

Many times in reading articles about outstanding coin finds with metal detectors, bjak the story does not relate when found and the machine used. In nearly 40 years of building coin collections using metal detectors, I have conscientiously logged the date location and metal detector used. Here is a brief accounting of my 20 favorite/best coin finds. trendyworld

1. 69 A.D. Israel Half Shekel – Sept. 5th 1978 vacant lot where school built in 1917 was torn down in 1964 (Tarpon Springs, FL). Found with Fisher VLF 552 at 9 inches deep. treecutting

2. 1882 S US Silver Dollar (AU) – December 26th, 1995 on vacant lot downtown Tarpon Ave. Found with Fisher 1260 at 10 inches deep.

3. 1861 Indian Head Penny (F) – June 21st, Daytimestar 1988 on Hangman’s Hill, Tarpon Springs (see post on Story A Coin Could Tell). Fisher 1260 at 7 inches deep.

4. 1861 Seated Half Dollar (BU 63) – November 24th, 1998 on vacant lot Lime St. Tarpon Springs. Garrett MH 7 used with Sniper Coil quintdaily to find this beauty at only 4 inches deep.

5. 1812 Large Cent (AG-4) – Spring Break 1971 at Blue Sink Hole Palm Harbor, FL with MEDEFORD BFO (Jim Ford science teacher Clearwater, FL made this combo 5/12 coil machine). My oldest American coin find and was only 2 inches deep

6. 1909 S VDB Cent (AU with mint luster) – January 2nd, 2000 at a lot where house burned on Pent St., thecoininfinity Tarpon Springs. Part of small cache found with Tesoro Silver Sabre 2 at more than a foot deep. Also included a 1885 V Nickel (G).

7. 1904 O Barber Half (XF) – September 2nd, 1978 on vacant lot next to Greek day school on Pinellas Ave., Tarpon Springs. Found with White’s 6DB at less than an inch deep.

8. 1924 Standing Liberty Quarter (BU 62-63 Full Head) – September 21st at vacant lot listed on #1 above. Found with Fisher 552 VLF at 1 inch ( 243 coins predating 1940 found from Sept. – Dec. 1988 on this lot).

9. 1881 Seated Liberty Dime – MS-63 coin found Spring break 1993 on Tarpon Ave. lot where cracker barrell shaped house razed. Used Garrett MH 7 with Sniper Coil and coin was about 2 inches deep.

10. 1877 Indian Head Penny (Fair) techyana – Found with Fisher 1260 on ball field adjacent to Tarpon Elementary at less than 3 inches deep January 3rd, 2001.

11. 1796 Counterfeit Spanish 8 Reale Coin (F) – Fisher 1280 used after a no name storm in March, 1993 brought this one up in the surf. See post – Story A Coin Could Tell.

12. 1950 D Nickel (VG) – Found within 10 inches and at same depth as coin #1 . This completed my collection of Jefferson’s from 1938 – 1964.

13. 1919 S Standing Liberty Quarter (F) – Fisher 1260 with mini coil used on lot owned by church which was built in 1915 on Disston Ave., Tarpon Springs. Coin was 2 inches deep and found December 19th, 1996.

14. 1863 Civil War Merchant Token (XF) – Gustavus Lindenmueller NY merchant token found with Minelab Sovereign at Tapon Library/Park area on February 2nd, homewithally 2004 at about 5 inches deep.

15. 1885 V Nickel (G) – See #6 above as coin part of 13 semi key and key coins cache find.

16. 1913 S Buffalo Nickel (G) – This Type 2 Coin (about 3 inches deep) found at vacant school lot Sept. 6th, 1988 using Fisher VLF 552. One of 40 Buffs found there that Fall.

17. 1616 S Mercury Dime (MS-FSB) – Found trying to ground balance my new Heath Kit detector in Tarpon Springs in grass median on Orange St. Beauty only 1/2 inch deep – May 3rd, 1975. Was trying to groud balance machine and coin was beneath area.

18. 1869 Shield Nickel (G) – Found 4 inches deep after sidewalks removed in downtown Tarpon. My oldest nickel find- made with Fisher 1260 using 4 inch coil (1990).

19. 1857 Quarter (G) – Oldest Quarter find made on vacant lot on Levis Ave. (Tarpon Springs) using Fisher 1260 in August, 1992. Coin was 7 inches deep.

20. 1894 Greek 5 Lepta (VF) – Found near railroad tracks on Orange St. Tarpon Springs, using White’s 6DB. Coin found March 30th , 1980 at about 5 inches deep.

Almost all of my favorite/best coin finds came from metal detecting in Tarpon Springs, Florida. My soon to be released ebook deals with the topic of hometown advantage. I have taken over 35,000 keeper coins from the land and water of Tarpon Springs a city of only 30,000 that was founded in 1886 and as late as 1970 only had 7,000 residents. People lose many coins and other treasures and having a treasure finding mindset can make a big difference for you.


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